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Matt's Journal
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
8:23 pm
Mickey's "Not so Scary" Halloween Party!!
Jasmine and I went to Mickey's Halloween Party on Sunday!

It was so cute and fun! So many people were dressed up. Sooooo many pirates!!

The parade was very cool especially the pirate part. Jack Sparrow had his very own ship!

We also went on the new and improved Haunted Mansion! No spoilers here, but it looked great =)

There were dance parties all over the place and that all was very strange, but I did happen to shake a little leg when passing by ;)

The fireworks were so pretty and so very Halloween themed all in conjunction with neat things projected onto the castle.

It was a fun night out.

8:51 am
FaerieCon and being back home!
About a week ago we got back from FaerieCon. Jasmine and I had a great show and are already signed up for next year. It was very interesting to be at a convention's maiden voyage. So many guests and staff had different ideas of what they will do different in the future and what was good about the present.

We really really liked all the guests and vendors. This was not a very grumpy convention at all. There were Faerie people everywhere and it gave the show a fun ethereal quality in the very urban setting of Philadelphia.

Wendy waltzingdog was there with her hubby Ken (a very cool guy). She is always so friendly and passes out hugs. She is the type of person I don't mind hugging me, not like a weird creepy relative. Does that make sense?? LOL!

Jilliane malikasaghir and Brad came to visit us on Saturday with special guest star RUTHIE! I have grown very fond of her and ever since I found out that she was going to visit us a FaerieCon I said that she was who I was looking most forward to seeing there. She gave me a hug and I stole a little slobbery kiss, hehe!

There were so many people there that I met and they are all collected in my whirlwind jar that I call my brain.

I did meet a real life Green Man wildwose. I think he may be a bit nutters, but he and his folk gave our booth a blessing in the form of magic acorns, hehe!

It was also very nice to meet Drew and Be of http://idobelieve.co.uk/ . Drew and I chatted about sci fi and comics. He and I seem to have similar interests and that was fun =)

Unfortunately, I only got one workout in during that whole convention time, but I am trying not to beat myself up about since I have been hitting the gym superhard lately as per normal, YAY! Oh yeah....!!: I earned enough at the convention to buy some more supplements (I get a percentage of the matted things sold and sometimes Jasmine will throw in a bonus if we do really well...and we did, hehe!) I usually just do creatine and protein powder (the very basics), but now I have the whole BSN mass stack! YAY!!

I'm doing my best to catch up on Heroes, foxmagic and I watched the last two episodes and we will try to watch the latest one when we both have time.

Thursday, October 11th, 2007
8:01 am
We are here!

Uggh..what a trip! Yesterday I wasn't at all in the mood for driving, but I did and we coasted into Philadelphia about 7ish last night. I went through traffic jams the likes I have never seen (while passing D.C. and Baltimore).

I had to look for a place to park because my van is too tall for the clearance in our parking garage. The room is pretty good (we got a junior suite with two TVs).

We have found 12, yes TWELVE vegetarian Asian restaurants within a few blocks of our hotel.

Today we have to unload our stuff!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
5:53 pm
Do Christian contemporary artists just share all the smae songs??

I don't know all these songs except from TV commercials and I keep hearing the same damned songs done over and over!!

Do these guys all have an agreement?

There is a song called "God is in the house". There is a country version. What the hell is going on?

Sunday, September 9th, 2007
6:53 pm
Yesterday I downloaded Shining Force and Metroid onto my virtual console for my Wii!

for those of you in the know:

------ ------

Does anyone get the above reference??

I love my Nintendo Wii!! YAY!!
Friday, September 7th, 2007
10:05 am
A bit of my childhood...enter if you dare!!
foxmagic had a memory of a film from long ago that taught children about how to use the telephone. I've seen this little gem a ton of times. When I was little the day care I stayed at showed it over and over. I always got it and Willy Wonka confused and the children in this video seemed almost like grown-ups to me at the time.

Here is a brief description of it:

"Think back to that magical time before you knew how to use the telephone. This Sid and Marty Krofft-influenced film describes the mechanics of using the telephone, speaking and listening techniques, dealing with emergencies and displaying good manners with songs and goofy costumes. This film was made during a time when kids being kidnapped by a man in tights was magical and not creepy."

Anyhow..If you wanna catch a little glimpse of this twisted ass video, here you go!



Current Mood: nostalgic
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
8:01 pm
Holy Crap! We're back!
We are back from our second year of Dragon*Con.

It was nice.

Last year, the Dragon*Con people (meaning the staff and volunteers) didn't really know who we were, but this year we were greeted with smiles. They were very happy to see us come back and were very helpful.

As far as the fans go, they are always so nice, polite and patient. Jasmine is lucky to have some of the best artwork fans ever. I just couldn't be more pleased with them.

Thanks guys =)

We are a bit exhausted....

Did you ever quit a job and then somehow end up back there again and it felt like you never left? That is kinda how I felt. We were in the same spot as last year so my mind kept skipping back a year and I was a bit confused.

I kept forgetting which way was up.

I am back now though and grounded once again. My kitties are adoring me, Jasmine is gonna make some yummy food, and tomorrow I will see my gym which I love ;)


Current Mood: HC (abbrev.. for Holy Crap)
Monday, September 3rd, 2007
8:27 am
Last day of Dragon*Con...

We've been pretty busy...pleh.

I have been good and going to the gym inside the Hyatt here every morning 'cept today.

I've met some great people here and saw many returning fans that are always approaching our booth extra cheery. Lots of smiling faces and people having a generally good time.

Luckily, Paulina Stuckey-Cassidy and Misty Benson are right next to us so of course Jasmine has to nerd it up with them about artist stuff.

I better get ready for the last day of Dragon*Con =P

Current Mood: where am I?
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
11:02 am
We're here!
We coasted in to Atlanta at 5:30ish last night and then headed over for a much needed trip to Trader Vics!! I of course got a Pina Colada cause it is what werewolves drink at Trader Vics, duh!! One day I will do it in London!!

So now we are in the room waiting for the people to give us the OK so we can unload all this art we brought. Hopefully, we will get it all set up today and checked in and all that other stuff.

Jasmine is quoting outrageous prices for the room service, I think she already had too much Southern Comfort today.

Current Mood: WTF?
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
7:30 pm
Holy Crap!

It is that time of year again....Dragon*Con!!!! and I haven't even started packing up all the stuff!!


I am pooped from all the packing. I think we are taking half of our house along with us. I became a zombie about three days ago and I have been moving forward at a certain momentum that is only understood by my fellow zombies.

As my friend Brian says about vegetarian zombies:

GRAINS!!!!!!!!!! GRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo...we will be the first to get to Dragon*Con and the last to leave. Just like last year.

Current Mood: buh?
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
6:16 pm
Why Sulu kicks ass!
For those who haven't seen it scroll down and click play!


Friday, August 3rd, 2007
5:31 pm
I've decided that any job title sounds way cool if you add "rogue" to the front of it. Such as:

Rogue Chef
Rogue Pool Boy
Rogue House Husband

It makes you sound a bit defiant with an attitude that says, "Be on guard!!! I could snap at any moment as I am a Rogue (insert job title here)."

Current Mood: roguesque
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
8:49 am
London trip!
Not everyone is lucky enough to go to another country and have a constant guide, fortunately we were =)

Thank you very much novemberhour and callandor

Before I went I had a very small list of things that I wanted to do:

1)Ride on a double decker bus.

2)Eat some chips (fried potato wedges).

3)Go have drinks at a pub.

We did those things almost every day, LOL.

We were hardly ever idle. We were either at a museum, a comic book store, a pub, some wonderful site (like Buckingham Palace or Highgate Cemetery). We kept very busy which I like on a trip like this.

One of the first places we went to was this:


They sold Jasmine's book there so I went up to the workers and asked them, "I have the artist here, want her to sign them?" Of course they said "YES", hehe! Then we bought the game "Munchkin" and left.

I ended up going to two more comic book stores that trip and it made me happy that there was a definite NERD presence in London.

Jasmine's main concern was visiting museums. In total we visited 5 and walked through most of them thoroughly. It was almost too much to absorb, but Jasmine being the eternal art sponge could have just kept going and going.

I really enjoyed having English breakfast which was a lot like the breakfasts that we had on weekends when I was a child.

Our last day we visited Harrod's department store which reminded me more of the states than anywhere else I had been to in London.

The Camden market was supremely badass! That type of atmosphere is something we are really lacking here in the U.S.

Oh yes, we also went to this very odd sort of haunted house:


It was hot as hell there, but they did advertise the "BOAT RIDE TO HELL", so I guess it was appropriate. We had a lot of just plain silly fun there. And of course, a person threatened my genitals with sharp objects and wanted to stick a hook up my butt all in front of a crowd of about 25 people.

One thing I did notice about London is that things are either ancient or innovative. For example, the plumbing is very behind the times, yet there subway system is efficient and high-tech. They also will make shops out of anything, old buildings will house comic book stores, book stores and even GYMS, LOL.

I went inside a gym while walking to Highgate Cemetery and as I walked in there was a place where they sold supplements. I took a look around at the mini cafe and then the counter lady (with arms almost the size of mine who didn't realize I was having a tiny bout with culture shock) said, "You can just stare at the chairs if you like, but the gym is downstairs". I just said something like "I just came in here to pop in and out". Then I took a flyer and left.

Speaking of gyms..I can't wait to go back to mine!! My next workout thingee I wanna buy is this:

Monday, July 23rd, 2007
7:32 am
I'm heading off to London today. I'm really not sure what to expect. So far my international experiences have been very tropical. I'm sure I'll have a good time =)
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
11:28 pm
Great Zombie Jesus!!
Hi Everyone!

Not much new going on here lately =)

Just to let all my heroscape playing friends know - Zombies of Morindan are great!! :


We currently have a total of four cards (12 zombies total) but I would love to get another set making 18 zombies!

In other news, Brian and I are gonna pick up another game for videogame night since we beat Xmen!

Later nerds!
Friday, June 15th, 2007
4:13 pm
Silly game
Hi there!

Long time no write and such..blah blah blah.

Often when I leave for the gym in the morning I tell Jasmine something like I'm going to "blast my biceps" and other silly things based off of the muscle groups targeted that day.

I was wondering what silly things other people could come up with.

Here are some examples:

Blast my biceps
Destroy my pecs
Obliterate my quads
Terrify my triceps

It is a very silly game.

Can anyone out there think of some other funny ways to say this stuff?
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
9:37 pm
Jasmine is going to France in a couple of weeks. I was invited to come along, but I declined since it is an artist thing. I'm sure there is nothing more fun than listening to artists geek it up, but I'll pass this time.

Good news though! My mom, little sister, her husband and my wonderful niece Cielo are gonna visit me while Jasmine is gone!

I will get to show them around and take Cielo to Disneyworld!! This all makes me really happy! She is such a super cutie!!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
5:43 pm
Night Rider VS. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
11:46 am
I wear my sunglasses at night...
I have pretty sensitive eyes. It takes me a while to handle bright light when first going outside and such. I've never had to wear sunglasses in a gym though.

Lately, I've noticed these guys coming into the gym wearing sunglasses. The lights aren't that bright in there. I'm wondering if they are undercover or runaway criminals who just have to get a workout in. I know they are not wearing the sunglasses to be cool because, while working out at least, they look anything but.

Maybe they are protecting their eyes from possible flying debris, the occasional flying 45lb plate in the face, or perhaps they are mutants with abilities much like Cyclops from the X-men who must keep his eyes covered with ruby quartz or all hell will break loose.

Should I do it? Do I dare get some sunglasses just for the gym? I want in. I want to join this secret club/fugitive gang/x-men gaggle/safety soldier group thing.

I just want to belong...
Saturday, March 17th, 2007
8:59 am
I though I would jump on the bandwagon and participate in an interview!!!!

So here ya go:


DO you enjoy werewolves?

Yes, yes I do!

and monkeys?

yes sir!

DO you like Hugh Grant?


What fate do you wish he had?

Oh, I wish he was attacked by some werewolves and monkeys.

Do you enjoy having exterior home painters scraping excess paint off your house at 9:00 am on what should be an enjoyable Saturday?

No, not at all.

Thank you for being such a wonderful interviewee.

Is that a question?

ummm, no. It is a compliment.

oh..ok you're welcome then.
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