Matt (kaokame) wrote,

New Year and such.

December was a busy month for me. As most of you know I am Jasmine's monkey and December is the month where she makes me dance the most. In the end, I think everyone received their packages and all were happy in time for Christmas!

The last week of December was spent with our family in Kansas City with various gift exchanges and way too much food.

I was able to spend lots of time with nieces and nephew. I taught Cielo how to play checkers and use a basic number line. Chris and I took Theo to see "The Waterhorse" it amused Theo slightly, but kind of lost him during the more dialoguey parts. Theo and Ellie also took turns beating me up and pummeling me. They would kick, punch, sit and do everything in their power to injure me. It was fun =)

It snowed a lot while we were there (it has been a long time since I have actually experienced snow). So we went sledding, had spontaneous snowball fights and built a snowman.

The sledding was a bunch of fun!! First we went to 3 stores and all the sleds were sold out. The we remembered that about 7 years ago we bought sleds and left them at Jasmine's Dads house, so we got 'em. We had two types of sleds: a disc and a normalish plastic sled. We found this steep hill by this Jewish temple and we were off. We kept flipping over and getting faces full of snow. It was pretty funny =)

We went to the Nelson-Atkins museum of Art and ate at the pretty little inside courtyard. They put up a new expansion to the Nelson and it was pretty interesting. I often look at the frames as much or even more than the art itself. So many pretty pieces have crappy frames.

The night before we left we watched UFC and drank beer and stuff =)

Now I am getting ready for this New Year I guess...
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